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Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps
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Size 3 Powerful Commercial Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Basementsaver WP3 & Basepump CB1500 are advanced Size 3 water powered backup sump pumps that are designed to pump 1,400-2,000gph (using 40-90psi city water pressure) for application in commercial basements with high flow rates. The Size 3 pump range includes: Basementsaver WP3, WP3-DCV, WPA3 and Basepump CB1500, CB1500-DCV, CB1500-AVB.

Powerful Commercial “Size 3” Pump Models

The Basementsaver WP3 and the Basepump CB1500 are exactly identical Size 3 commercial-rated pump units, assembled with identical components, on the same Basepump production line, in Buffalo, NY. These pumps represent the most advanced water powered sump pump technology currently available, and are each available with 3 model variants:


Basepump CB1500 Water Powered Sump Pump
Basementsaver WP3 / Basepump CB1500 Size 3 Commercial-Grade Backup Sump Pump Is Designed For Commercial Basements With High Sump Flow Rates

Size 3 Commercial Pumps

The Basementsaver WP3 / Basepump CB1500 is the larget, most powerful, commercial-rated water powered backup pump model available. These pumps can provide 2,000gph maximum pumping capacity through a 10ft lift at 90psi city water pressure.

This size of pump is designed for application in large commercial basements, with high sump flow rates, that can provide a city water supply at a pressure in the range 40-90psi.

The WP3 / CB1500 pump will operate in your basement if your outside standard hose spigot can supply water at a sufficient flow rate to fill a bucket to the 5 gallon level in 20 seconds or less (allow 25% longer for a frost-proof spigot).


Basepump CB1500-DCV Water Powered Sump Pump With Dual Check Valve
DCV Models Include A Dual Check Valve For Backflow Protection

Size 3 Commercial DCV Pumps

The Basementsaver WP3-DCV / Basepump CB1500-DCV is a WP3 / CB1500 pump unit that comes an integrated brass Dual Check Valve (DCV), ASSE 1024 listed and CSA B64.6 certified for backflow prevention, in order to satisfy most local plumbing department codes.


Basepump CB1500-AVB Pump With ASSE 1001 Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB)
AVB Models Must Be Installed With A Dedicated Discharge

Size 3 Commercial AVB Pumps

The Basementsaver WPA3 / Basepump CB1500-AVB is a WP3 / CB1500 pump unit that comes with an integrated brass Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB), ASSE 1001 listed, CSA 64.1.1 certified and IAPMO listed, mounted on the downstream side of the backup pump main control valve.

This model is required for installations in the following states:

  • Indiana (Approval#608.3)
  • Minnesota(Approval#603.5.9)
  • Ohio (Approval#608.3)
  • Wisconsin (Approval#20100389)

The integrated AVB requires that this backup pump model must be installed on a dedicated discharge line. It must not be used when the backup pump is required to share the same discharge pipe as the primary sump pump.


Lower Capacity Water Powered Sump Pumps

If you require a lower pumping capacity, we also offer:

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